Southern California Deep Sea Fishing

One of the best ways to learn about fly fishing is by reading about it. You don’t have to buy hundreds of books, though. There are many magazines dedicated to fly fishing, and most of them can give you a lot of great information.

So we wade to the head of a nice pool and the only way to fish it from where we were was to fish directly below ourselves into the deeper water. It was a strange scenario, to be sure. Under normal circumstances I would never fish a hole in this fashion, but under these circumstances, there was no other way. There was also a fallen tree on the left side of the hole, which extended all of the way into the deeper water. In hindsight, the conditions definitely favored any fish that might be swimming in that hole. That didn’t seem to matter though, because after fishing for about twenty minutes Doug began his move to the next hole. And I was just about to make the same move when I felt a pull on my line.

Nowadays seat boxes are so over-the-top they can cost more than 450 quid. Match fishermen who make money fishing can justify that though (although they probably get them free from sponsors!), based on the multi-functionality of one of these beasts. They have the obvious things like adjustable legs for sloped and muddy banks, and nice padded seats. But then they also have all sorts of draws and slots and trays for your tackle, footplates to rest your feet on, pole seats to rest your pole in, and even cubbies to put your beer and crisps. If you are a fully grown fisherman you need somewhere for your beer and crisps.

1) Unravel each line from the reel and clean it with a light soap and warm water solution. As you clean it, take some time to stretch the curl out of the line. Leave the line unspooled overnight before you put it back on the reel. You may want to repeat this process the day before you head out to your favorite lake or stream so that you have a straight and limber line that lays out on the cast for you just like it was intended. If you clean your floating line, after it dries is a good time to treat it with a light coat of floatant. I like a quality silicone spray as it dries quickly and doesn’t gunk up on the spool.

The leader is a piece of line connecting rig/ end tackle with your main line it has to be chosen very carefully as it is stronger than the main line. It might be thicker than the main line and as it is thicker it might interfere with your casting. There are many types of colours for leader e.g. red,blue,orange and clear.

You can find boaters wearing clothing with their favorite boat manufacturer, fishing lures for sale, race boat driver or engine manufacturer. At any launch ramp you are bound to see stickers on truck windows such as ‘Sea Ray’ or ‘Fountain’. Some boaters even decorate their tow vehicles to match their boats. There are also those who love their boats and the water so much that they live on their vessels for extended periods of time. But what about something more permanent? There is nothing more permanent to show your love for your boat or being on the water than a tattoo.

2) Fish at different depths. Sometimes fish will move up or down the water column to feed, but more often they won’t. If the fish are deep, which they often are in the spring for example, get your bait, flu, or lure down to their depth and you will be much more likely to have success. This takes experimentation.

Fishing is pretty much a year-round activity in the Pacific Northwest, and other than a little weather to contend with, it’s a great way to while away an afternoon or a long weekend!