How Poor Web Copywriting Practices Hurt Everyone

Facebook Marketing is becoming increasingly popular due to the huge growth that Facebook has undertaken in the last few years. Just by looking at its Alexa rank, #2, it is easy to understand the kind of potential that an effective Facebook Marketing campaign can have in any business.

What are your objectives? First figure out what you’d like to achieve with your article writing. Maybe you’d like to be considered as an expert in your niche, or are you writing to encourage traffic to your site? Or maybe you’re after page alexa rank improvement? Are you promoting affiliate products? Whatever it is that compels you, work at it, because ultimately it will have an effect on your future success, or otherwise.

Ask, cajole and beg your customers to write reviews of your products and services on relevant review sites. Look for local and national business listing services, you may not be that familiar with them but if you look you are sure to find a web directory that specializes in customer reviews of pretty much any industry, including yours.

There is no need to try selling your products to everyone. It is wiser to find the best group of people that most probably are willing to buy your products and focus only to them. Don’t forget that even if a very specific product can be sold only to few dozens of customers in your local store, the same product can be sold to thousands via your Online shop.

4) A good sign of a reputable company is one that is well organised and have nothing to hide. Why not contact them first. Send them an email and if you get a quick response (under 24 hours) then that is a good sign that they are well run and good to do business with. Have you ever send someone an email and not got a response? Yes, it’s frustrating isn’t it and your opinion goes down no matter why the reason they didn’t reply. Surely you don’t want to deal with a website or company like that?

You need to get your SEO right in order to rank at the top for any keyword of importance. However, search engine optimization isn’t something that the faint hearted can handle (There are constant updates in algorithm, for example). So most serious businesses outsource this critical aspect of their website development to a competent firm.

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And how do you think your clients will feel when they see you over-deliver in yet another crucial aspect of their business (getting traffic)? They’ll be happy with you and you are right on your way to get more business and referrals from them.